Homework tips for teens

In order to get the most out of your lessons, it is important to practice every day at home, and to practice a variety of tasks.  Here are some tips.  My intent is not that you choose some of the tips to use, but that you use most or all of them in rotation.

Beth’s Advised weekly homework

READ and look up words you do not understand.  Add these words to a written list and to a website to practice them.

PRACTICE the words you have looked up using wrts.nl  (you will need a paid subscription.  It isn’t expensive, and is definitely worthwhile!) or Quizlet.com

  • Practice every day, 2-3x per day for 5 minutes per practice session until you can dream the list!
  • max 50 words per list/week is a good goal
  • use meerkeuze/multiple choice or “in gedachten” (do not try to type or spell the words as that takes a lot more time and spelling is not our main goal)

LISTEN to the same audio many times until you understand every word.  Look up any words you do not know and add them to your list.  If there is a quiz or “support pack”, try it and check the answers!  Here are a few websites I recommend:

GRAMMAR:  Many teens find it helpful to learn a bit of practical grammar, especcially if the school English lessons miss this subject.  (Do you have the Stepping Stones or Go For It!  textbook?  then you might find a bit of extra grammar helpful!)

WRITE something!  One idea is to use the grammar you have just studied and the words you are learning.  It can be simple and short.  The point is to practice thinking something in English.

  • Letter writing is one good skill to practice, which you will need for the eindexamens.  You can find practice letters to write at the following sites:

SPEAK with someone in English between lessons if you can!

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